New girl group dazzles crowd at Yavné Chinese Auction (Photos, list of auction winners)

Over four hundred women attended a Chinese Auction benefiting the Yavné Yeshiva in the beautiful Salons Chagall hall. Yechivat Yavné is a private Sephardic orthodox school located in Cote St-Luc which has almost 400 students from daycare through high school. Boys and girls learn separately. Programs are separated into in Limudei Kodesh (Jewish) and Limudei Chol (secular).

The event started with a viewing of the prizes and a Pareve buffet. Women oohed and aahed over the array of choices, which included trips to Israel and Florida, Sheitels, dining room sets,jewellery, an iPad 2, and many shopping spree options.

The program was soon underway, in which the women gathered in the main sanctuary to hear a first in Jewish music, an all girl group who sang a ca pella a stunning rendition of Barchenu followed by Tefilotai by Itzik Eshel, sung in French. The new group, “Soul Sisters,” is comprised of Sterna Samama, Chaya Serraf, Bashie Naparstek, and Malky Shuchat and they can be contacted for your event at music4soulsisters@gmail.com.

The guest speaker was Rabbanit Sarah Raskin of Chabad of Cote St Luc. She told several stories about Tzedakah, including a very memorable one about her ancestor, the Apter Rebbe, which we’ll repeat in very short.

A poor man once visited the Rebbe, who sent him to a distant town to visit a wealthy man and ask for help. The Rebbe sent a note, saying, “please give the pauper 200 Rubles and I will be your partner.” The wealthy man scoffed at the “partner” offer. Obviously, in the end the wealthy man lost all his money and came crying to the Rebbe, who told him “my partnership was the good work that I do, and a partnership with Mitzvos is everlasting.”

Rebbetzin Raskin encouraged the crowd to give generously, because when you give Tzedakah, you becoming a partner with G-d.

What followed was the auction winners, listed below. A beautiful moment came when the jackpot winner, Genevieve Le Blanc, instead of taking the money, gave her winnings to Yavneé for charity.

Here’s a list of the winners:

Jackpot: Genevieve Le Blanc

Split the pot: Guila Atlas

Dandy Delights: Sara Muyal

Bangles to dangle: Lisa Cohen

Pino photography: Sterna Mechach

My precious: Batya I.

Centres Masliah: Esther Abenaim

Play me a song: Yitzchak Cohen

Enhance your allure: Linda Cohen

Professional make up artist: Rina Dayan

Mommy dress me up: Ilana Lasry

Essie nail polish: Reviya Elhaddad

Round trip Heiman’s Bus: Ross

Basal Bat Mitsva present: Natalie Dahan

Just stunning bracelet: Malka

Vanity affair: Rachel Marouni

Rosh Hashana and Shabbat kids set: Natalie Darmond

Mommy I can cook like you: Audre Benita

Zig Zag Zoo family pass: S. Amar

Jewish children’s books and games: Elizabeth Ohayon

Nettoyez sans polluer: Devorah Le Blanc

DM Extermination: Devorah Le Blanc

Bluetooth car mirror: Nurit Ravner

Aryo driving school: Florence Cremisi

$200 gift certificate at Felix Brown: Miriam Eladad

Michael Kors watch: Sigalit Dahan

Scooter and bicycle: Eva Abisidan

High pod: Cathy Rosulio

Teeth whitening: Chagit Dayan

Let’s get married package: Natalie Dahan

Fitness program for the family: Esther Shabbat

Dining out package: Guila Assouline

Judy Fall wig: Chaya M.

RNB ring: Guila Attias

Faimly photo shoot: Patricia Dahan

$250 gift certificate at Jacadi: Odelia Knapp

2 pairs of Gucci sunglasses: Smadar Asserad

Pamper yourself package: Yael Zouzout

Shabbat Shalom package: Rosette Benarroch

Sleepy time: Karen Benzuki

$500 at Trendy Strollers: Erica Malka

Pesach package: Simcha Assouline

Diamond ring: Audre Bensoussan

Mezuza and Tefillin checking: Fuchs

Bar Mitzvah package: Toras B Assouline

Cla-C wig: Shoshana Silber

Shopping spree for her package: Sevrine Mechali

Treat your husband package: Judit Haziza

Beauty from the sea: Eva Vaknin

Baby package: Rebecca Levy

Nespresso: Uget Mellul

Kitchenaid: Davina

Fill up your fridge package: Audre Bensoussan

White gold package: Carol Bouchar

iPad 2: Linda Genogi

Yaffa wig: Cicil Berda

Dinner package: Leah Elhadad

Dinner for six: Linda Kaminsky

Jewellery package: Miriam Elhadad

Tickets to Florida: Claire Tordjman

Table and 8 chairs: Ceitlin

Mazali wig: Michal Benisti

Tickets to Israel: Claudia Timsit

1.41 carat diamond earrings: Patricia Serruya

By Zvi Hershcovich

Photos by Bill613.com














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