Is Yeh! in Cavendish Mall Kosher?

Recently, Yeh! frozen yogurt and cafe opened a branch in Cavendish Mall, and its popularity has soared, with students from Bialik and residents pouring in to enjoy the frozen yogurt offered on hot summer days.

In social media, the questions started pouring in. Does Yeh! have a Hechsher? If not, can the Kashrus be relied on? received several emails asking us to look into this, and we spoke to someone from Yeh! as well as Rabbi Saul Emanuel from the MK Hashgacha.

“If you walk into the Yeh! of Cavendish mall, there is a binder with Kosher certificates or cutouts from the box showing the kosher signs of all our ingredients,” says our source, “as well, we have signs posted next to all our machines stating clearly that we are not under Rabbinic supervision, but all ingredients used in this location are kosher.”

As a matter of fact, sources have told that Yeh! approached the Vaad Ha’ir to be certified, and the only issue holding Rabbinical supervision from taking place was the fact that the owners are Jewish and the store would be open on Shabbos.

Rabbi Emanuel stresses the importance of an establishment having a Hechsher. “The point” he says “is that when a product or place requires Kosher certification (a Hechsher), the place or product cannot be used unless there is someone supervising on a constant basis, with various Kashrus rules and regulations in place, due to the many facets involved. Consumers must feel comfortable that there is a reliable Kashrus agency monitoring what is coming in to the facility or establishment with drop in, unannounced inspections on an ongoing basis which is a guarantee that an owner cannot guarantee. An establishment telling consumers that they are only using Kosher ingredients gives no protection to consumers as there is no one reliable, monitoring as to what is truly happening in the establishment. There must be ongoing Hashgacha.”

Hashgacha on a place such as Yeh! would entail a Kashrus supervisor who would drop in at any time to inspect the ingredients. With the lack of even a drop in Mashgiach, and the fact that it’s open on Shabbos, the MK does not consider Yeh! to be a kosher establishment.

Yossi H, a professional Mashgiach who has worked for various Kashrus organizations over the years explains further.”If every restaurant just hung signs in their stores displaying the kosher signs from their products, there would be no need for massive Hashgachos like the MK and the COR. The reason we have the MK is for people to know that there is someone taking responsibility for the Kashrus of the establishment.”

We encourage Yeh! to look into whether it would be beneficial to close their Cavendish location on Shabbos in order to receive kosher certification.

By Zvi Hershcovich

15 thoughts on “Is Yeh! in Cavendish Mall Kosher?”

  1. It certainly wouldn’t hurt Yeh!’s bottom line to be closed on Saturdays at this one location. They would make double their Saturday profits on motzi Shabbos. They would also be able to justify a modest increase in prices if they are under supervision. It is worth experimenting to see if it works for a few months.

  2. Excellent! I’m glad rabbi emanuel addressed the issue. A few days ago i saw a Jew with a yarmulke in yeh and when i told him it wasn’t kosher he didn’t believe me. I’m glad you guys covered the story.

  3. That being said, a fully certified Yeh! would do much better in a more religious area like De Vimy or CDN near the Cummings Centre.

  4. The article doesn’t mention the los of customers to sprinklz, who are fully under the hashgacha, a local small business run by frum Jews, whom we should absolutely support

  5. The vaad is a hundred percent right these kinds of places erode the standards of kashrus as it encourages other business owners to do the same and once people get used to relying on such establishments it will lead to situations of unscrupulous establishments serving treif and writing that the ingredients are kosher

    also the fact that the ingrediants are kosher doesnt mean the equipment is kosher

    from a different perspective though whats the difference between this place and any seven eleven where people rely on the slurpee lists ( the MK itself also issues such a list)

    its a very fine line

  6. There is no difference between this establishment and baskin Robbins or tcby. If you choose to eat at those places, you can also eat at yeh

  7. Why don’t they sell the store to a goy on shabbat? Maybe such a loophole would work! Anyways I’m not gonn be buying froyo from yeh that’s for sure it’s a clear halaka when it comes to shabbat

  8. One massive difference which is the point of the article: the owners here are Jewish. Therefore it can’t be open on shabbos

  9. It’s actually a simple matter of hilchos kashrus. Yeh! flavours are certified halal, NOT kosher. Until the flavours themselves (and not just the ingredients) are certified, someone who wants to keep strictly kosher should not eat them.

  10. Yeh is very good And the only reason the vaad doesn’t give it the mk is for $$$$$
    Tcby is offered in every Jewish school And there’s no hercher So if all the ingredient are kosher and that it’s open on Shabbat doesn’t make it not kosher
    If your halav Israel don’t go there go to sprinkles yeh is her to stay kosher or not

  11. In order to say its ok the Vaad wants money…. RÄ…bbi Emmanuel with is gangs can stay in there ghetto as far as I am concern it’s ingredients are kosher so it’s kosher no other way about it. Is coke cola open for production on shabath? I’m sure so why are we not boycotting them? I keep kosher respect shabath and I can assure u I don’t have an issue with my kids eating there….. Finally something good in the mall….

  12. Desperate men with no backbone fling insults at others. Instead of digging a hole to push others into, maybe just explain your position folks bashing the Vaad (which admittedly may have its problems). But you cannot hide the fact that its open on Shabbat and no one knows for sure if they are listing all their ingredients in that booklet. It isn’t a halav Israel issue either. If yeh wants to become kosher they should close on Shabbat simple as that. And if they don’t want the mk get a cor or ou or ok certification. The fact that they haven’t shows that no kosher certifier finds them valid (of course we should trust the expert opinions of anonymous people on the Internet lol)

  13. I would definitely not eat there. Haven’t seen the place yet, but I heard about it and I’m sure glad that I read this article… Question: why isn’t there more publicity about this around town?

  14. Why doesn’t Yeh do what Baskin Robbins, TCBY or Menchies do, get the flavors certified kosher. The ingredients being kosher, might not be enough, but get certified kosher flavors, then we have a situation where they are no different than every ice cream scoop shop in America.

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