Hatzoloh and Refuah VChesed travel to Plattsburgh to thank CVPH and NYSP

Members from Hatzoloh and Refuah V’Chesed traveled to Plattsburgh on Thursday to thank the Champlain Valley Physician’s Hospital staff and the New York State Police for their continuing working relationship and assistance in times of need.

Both the hospital and the State Police were extremely helpful in taking care of the members of the Montreal and Tosh community injured in a five car accident Sunday night.

The more seriously injured were transferred to the Montreal General Hospital, and this afternoon the last of the injured was taken home with Refuah V’Chesed where he will continue healing with physiotherapists.

Bill613 spoke with the injured, who expressed appreciation for everyone who said Tehillim for him, and thanked Hatzoloh, Refuah V’Chesed, and Chaverim Shomrim Montreal Tosh for all their help. We will post the full interview sometime after Shabbos.

By Zvi Hershcovich


With Major Troop B. of the NYSP


With the director of the ER at CVPH Plattsburgh

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