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An open letter to Tania Longpre from a Jewish Montreal surgeon

As many of you have heard, Tania Longpre, the PQ candidate in the riding of Viau, stated that the word “Jewish” should be removed from the “Jewish General Hospital” and that circumcision should be outlawed.

In a hastily typed response, here is a letter that I sent directly to Mme. Longpre. I think the response matches the comments.

“Madame Longpre, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dr. Evan Kovac and I am a Jewish surgeon, here in Montreal. I would like to personally take this opportunity to educate you on the history of the Jewish General Hospital and on the meaning and medical benefits of circumcision, since you do not seem to understand the histories of either.

Firstly, the Jewish General Hospital is a public institution that aims to heal the sick. There is no restriction on religion, both for patient or physician. In fact, the founding of the hospital came out of discrimination of Jewish doctors, who were not permitted to practice in other Quebec hospitals at the time. To remove the word “Jewish” from its title would deny the important history of this altruistic establishment. Moreover, it would conjure sentiments of antisemitism which brought about its foundation in the first place. Shame on you for suggesting the word “Jewish” be removed from its title. The mere mention of the word’s removal portrays you as uneducated to the provinces dark history of anti-semitism.

The practice of circumcision is controversial. However, several religious groups, including, but not limited to Jews and Muslims, consider this ritual sacred, as it represents the holy bond between G-d and man. Beyond the religious ties, circumcision has many health benefits. It all but eliminates the risk of penile cancer, reduces transmission of HIV and prevents such complications as phimosis and paraphimosis (I’m sure you can research those terms on your own, since you MUST be well-educated on the pros and cons of circumcision to have made the remarks that you did).

Now that I have reminded you of the JGH’s history, and informed you of the origins and benefits of circumcision, perhaps you might consider rethinking your comments.

In fact, if you really wanted to perform a selfless act for your constituents, you might also consider withdrawing your candidacy as a representative of your riding. It is clear that someone with such misguided and misinformed views is in no position to represent the people of Quebec.

Now, I am sure that you are not the only candidate with such ignorant and repugnant views on multiculturalism, so please forward this message on to your PQ brethren at your convenience. I would start with Mr. Drainville and Mme. Marois, who seem to be the leaders of your group of rednecks and racists.

Good day,

Dr. Kovac, MD CM”

By Dr. Evan Kovac

Photo by Dr. Evan Kovac

243 thoughts on “An open letter to Tania Longpre from a Jewish Montreal surgeon”

  1. I thought the letter was well written and to the point until the last sentence! Why bring down your integrity to her level with name calling……if only you had not written that??!!

  2. This province makes me sick. How can people vote people like this into our political system. Tania Longpre and Pauline Marois, kindly go screw yourselves and anyone else who believes their values.

  3. Name calling… especially going with the “rednecks” and “racists” slur. Maybe removnig “jewish” from Montreal Jewish Hospital is not smart… just like so many comment we heard about changing the names of countless of villages because they have a “christian” ring to it… just like thousand of comments of others that mentionned that streets should be renamed because they sound too.. “christian” and so on….

    Well thank you for showing that “racists” and “rednecks” are not only from members of the PQ but also from Jewish surgeons.

  4. Thank God for the Jewish General I always get the best service despite all the restrictions imposed by our beloved Government…my boys are both circumcised…and I Am the proud daughter of Italian Immigrants and grandparents who Immigrated here in 1968 and 1969 and they all worked to contribute to society …Good for you Dr. Kovac it’s time we start to voice our concerns

  5. Very well put and to the point. I think she and the PQ need to be reminded as well of all the very generous donations the Jewish General Hospital receives each year that helps run the hospital , mainly by Jewish supporters. If it were not for the Jewish foundation of this hospital and all the affiliated services it provides, we would be left stranded without a wealth of benefits. The little that we have, the world always wishes to strip it from under our feet and discriminate with no just cause. Is there no morals left in the world?!

  6. Tania Longpre, please go to the Jewish General Hospital to receive your “you just got burned” treatment …



  8. Very well said…thank you for sharing.I am very proud to be working as a Nurse at the JEWISH GENERAL HOSPITAL and wouldn’t have our name any other way!

  9. Nicely said!

    Marois, you look like nothing and you remind me of nothing.
    I still wonder every single day how an ugly lady like yourself is p.m
    If you get elected for a 2nd term; I’m getting the hell out of here and I will make sure to leave you a good provincial debt under my name.
    I hate you, I can’t stand you, and don’t forget it’s cause of The Mtl Jewish people that the city is rolling. If not you guys will be struggling and rotting in hell with your deficit.
    Shabath shalom salami face

  10. Well said man.. As for the last 2 names, wether you wrote it or not, it’s stating the obvious of the metality of this ruling party.

  11. Dear Dr. Kovac,
    Thank you for writing this. You have done a great service and we of the Jewish community of this great city of Montreal thank you and all the amazing doctors at the Jewish General Hospital for your commitment to treating the sick regardless of their race, religion or creed. Continued support in fighting Bill 60.

  12. WELL SAID …and sadly I want to say that the Jewish have to leave this province for good , That’s how it started in Germany…..so sad

  13. After having given birth and having used the Jewish General Hospital back in 2000, I feel I can vouch for the level of care I received when I delivered my twin sons there prematurely.
    Now I am terribly disgusted to hear yet another confirmation of why I decided to move my family, all born in Montreal, somewhere where one is fairly safe from this waste of energy.
    This latest article reminds me of the Office de la langue francais and their fining a snack bar because the garbage can in front had a door that said PUSH. Utter morons. This doctor nailed it- give it up PQ!!!!!!!

  14. I was treated and am still being treated at the Jewish General Hospital for depression. I have not relapsed in 5 years. Its not perfect but the best care I could have gotten. I have asked francophones why they went to the Jewish Hospital for treatment and not a French hospital. The response is always the same, the Jewish hospital gives better care. If remove the word jewish might as well remove the name of all the catholic saints from other hospitals if Pauline Marois truly wants a secular Quebec. Just for the record I am a born-again Christian, if that matters.

  15. Very well said. It’s time for the PQ to accept that they don’t have exclusivity to Quebec. It’s now home to many cultures and societies and I’m sick and tired of using their position in government to promote ignorance and racism. Quebec is 1/10 of Canada and 1/60th of North America. It’s time to realize the world doesn’t revolve around Quebec.

  16. The only item missing from this is that this uninformed elected supporter of racist principles should pay more attention to issues in her own riding.We are trying hard but doing fine in our neck of the woods.

  17. What’s next, deleting the St. from St. Mary’s, St. Joseph’s, or Royal from Royal Victoria…on and on…Queen Mary’ Veterans…they all have history that should not be defamed…what a shame this province has become…So glad I moved out 15 yrs ago…and to think our Canadian government stands back and allows this disrespect to happen…Vive Le Canada…Oh Canada!

  18. @mjb when he says rednecks and racists he’s simply stating what looks like racism and its kind of obvious if they want to remove the word Jewish out of jgh

  19. Brilliant letter and I have absolutely no problem with calling those so called politicians in Quebec “rednecks” and “racists”. This surgeon should be very proud to stand up to those political bullies. I am from Quebec, was born at the JGH and I am appalled at the suggestion to change the name. The rest of Canada hangs their heads in shame at the actions of the government in

  20. Chère Madame Marois, vous présidez un parti d’ignorants et de malfaiteurs jaloux des succès antérieurs des gouvernements de cette belle province.
    Votre position de PM est très importante pour la continuité du bon fonctionnement de l’économie à laquelle les juifs contribuent une grande partie, veuillez considérer vous entourer de quelque conseillés juifs et vous départir des imbéciles de votre parti avant que le Québec ne tombe dans l’abîme.

  21. Evan Kovac… are you a graduated doctor ? or finishing your residency ? You’re not in the College des Medecins list of practicing surgeons… BTW, there’s only a slight reduction of penile cancers with circumcision, but I do agree with the spirit of the letter.

  22. Bravo for the letter!!!
    As for the”racist” comments that people are blaming you for – I say Bravo again!
    Why should we feel bad to admit that what the PQ is doing with this charter is fascism and why is it racist to say that comments like this are true “redneck” comments?

    The doctor is not racist, he is fighting it!

  23. felicitations pour votre lettre a cette imbecile et ignorante – ils vont mourrir de jalousie
    ils n’en peuvent plus parceque nous sommes les meilleurs comme les beaux parfums dans des petites bouteilles, que D. vous protege – AMEN

  24. Well said Dr.Kovac…
    Shame should be the first word for her!!!
    Well said!!! Your by far an excellent doctor… People should all be recognized as equals!!!

  25. Un manque total de respect envers les Québécois qui ont élu démocratiquement mme Marois! Même ceux qui comme moi ont voté pour un autre partie.
    De plus, vous faites la preuve que la religion n’a pas sa place dans la fonction publique! Indigne d’un médecin!

  26. While I don’t agree with removing the word “Jewish” from the hospital’s name, I also disagree that removing it (for the purpose of secularism) is a necessarily anti-semitic. Insofar as circumcision is concerned, I don’t reckon it’s anyone’s business what people do to their genitalia provided it isn’t forced upon them.

  27. ‘OPEN LETTERS’ are well intentioned but nevertheless, manifestations of egocentrism on the part of the writer. A further indication of this is when the writer makes a special call to the public to read both the letters and the replies, i.e “Hey, look what I wrote!!!”. Calling them racists and rednecks lowers the writer to the level of the individuals he’s castigating. Instead of calling them ‘names’, a CLOSED letter sent to them explaining exactly the events that prompted the construction of JGH in the early thirties, especially the involvement of the MD’s of Notre Dame Hospital, would have been more effective and more educational. M.L. Montreal

  28. depuis que le partis quebecois et monte au pouvoir en1976 plus ou moins nous avons assiste a l autodestruction du quebec ou il y a une epoque il faisait bon d y vivre aujourdh ui il reste encore les vestiges ancien de ce partis qui na jamais rien accomplie pour la societee et la on joue la carte du racisme car ca se vend bien mais sans la communautee juive qui as grandement contribue au bien etre de cette province elle n en serait rien par contre je suggere a toute la communautee juive de chez nous de rester fort solidaire et la tete haute et au prochaine elections d envoyer au fond du lac st jean cette merdaille une fois pour toute quand a vouloir un pays il faut dabords le meriter et travailler fort quand a cette abrutie de femme ignorante comme la pauline marois et sa gange de rue et bien nous sommes la pour rester et pour longtemps par contre vous votre partie et en voie de disparition eternel a bon entendeur salut

  29. Thank you so much for sharing and telling it as it is … I don’t know WHY we can’t just have PEACE !!!
    These woman have made me feel ashamed to be a woman …I believed that a woman in power would of made a smoother more caring and peaceful world because of our maternal and nurturing way instead they are destroying this beautiful city and all it’s glory 🙁
    Tanya and Marois are like the devil and reincarnation of Hitler in a female form grrrrrrrr I’am discusted and disbelief of what is going on in this beautiful city !!!!
    The JGH is and always will be the best for me and thank you to all for such amazing medicine and bed side manners

  30. Premièrement,BRAVO! Très bien dit!
    Et pourquoi ne pas suggérer a la madame, de commencer plutôt avec les hôpitaux francofones…. hôtel Dieu, Notre -Dame, Saint Luc, etc, car la plupart ont des noms des saints?!?Qu’ils ne touche pas a HJM!!!

  31. Excellent remark,
    I myself have had both my children at the JGh and family has received treatment there are well, I am not of Jewish race, but have high respect of the Dr and staff at this hospital, they re very well known for their excellent job When they have to give life thretening treatments to patience, so what if Mme Marois presented herself the ER, they should said you know what your name is not Jewish , OUT you go!!!!

  32. First off, I would like to say that I completely agree with this doctor. These politicians shouldn’t have the right to deprive us of our culture and religion. Removing the jewish out of the JGH is completely absurd. The jewish community has greatly contributed in the social and economical aspect of this province,therefore saying such a statement should not be tolerated by a province who claims that the charter of human right is highly important. Quebec has benefited in many ways from many of the immigrants that came here. Therefore, it is very important that one should keep and embrace their religious identity.

  33. This letter was excellently written and to the point except you should have told her that her people love to come to jgh for care we should not accept them racists

  34. I would never go the Jewish General hospital… My husband was operated and treated for cancer… The Doctors are Good but the service and staff were horrific.. My husband was attacked in his bed and I would never step foot into that hospital unless it is for outpatient service. The food is crap, you could die from eating it. This Doctor make sense and the professionals are really tops, but the rest is not to die for..

  35. Excellent response Dr. Kovac. I admire and respect the whole staff at the JGH. I am a muslim and was hospitalized once there and received the best care a patient can ask for. However one thing I do not agree with is :” There is no restriction on religion, both for patient or physician.” When came the time to circumcise my son 2 years ago I was denied the service for not being Jewish which I found very offensive and ended up having it at St-Justine. Maybe you do have your reasons for circumcising only the Jewish but an explanation would have been appreciated by the nurse.
    Regardless I still do go to the JGH so as my family because we are all treated equally with an excellent care system unlike some other hospitals.

  36. Thank you for addressing the issue and commenting on what most of the people of Quebec feel – this is not Germany. Bravo and I hope more people respond in the way you have!

  37. Good for you Dr. Kovac, I am still stunned by her remarks, not surprised though as this party loves to stir up crap and spread propaganda, much like an infamous leader of one of the European countries did many years ago!

  38. BRAVO! for standing up to the ignorant. To say that our province is lead by these clowns & we the people elected them. Let’s all stand together and kick their butts out to create a better government

  39. La circoncision est ENCORE une affaire de religion! les juifs et les musulmans le font pour la religion . Il n’y a aucune raison médicale a circoncire des enfants en bas age a part pour les phimosis et paraphimosis POINT. le corps est bien fait et si il y a de la peau sur le prépuce c’est pour une raison…Par contre qu’on en Afrique quand on enlève le clitoris aux petites filles (excision) tout le monde trouve ça horrible !!!

  40. BRAVO best answer to stupid people, where are we???shame on you and your ignorance,you don’t deserve any kind of place that puts you on position to act with descrimination,you should be cleaning toilets…..

  41. Very well written letter, on point. But I find it very hypocritical that you should finish in such a manner. Isn’t racism and ignorance exactly what you are fighting against in your letter? That last line really discredits the rest of what you said….why play their game? There’s no need to lower yourself to their level of ignorance.

  42. Bravo Doctor
    She’s typical of the ignorance and stupidity that surround our present Quebec leaders! I hope that the voters in Viau give her a clear message, especially since she does not have the intelligence and decency to withdraw her name from the list of candidates. Who is her advisor – Diane De Courcy?

  43. Ignorance is bliss! How have you gotten through life this far. You are by far the biggest fool ever. How can you possibly have any say in government, you should be stripped of your position. Shame on the viau riding for having you there. You should be thrown out on your empty head!

  44. We can’t just remove the word Jewish from the name. There’s already a General Hospital in Montreal. So there would have to be something that would replace the word Jewish. But what? General Hospital Formerly Of The Ethnicity That Shall Remain Nameless? Too cumbersome. I propose that to make Tania Longpré and the rest of her PQ ilk happy, we rename it Hôpital Général de l’Argent et de la Vote Ethnique. There! That should summerise their attitude quite nicely.

  45. Beautiful response. Too bad there is no one home to receive it. The pq will not understand the term redneck amongst many other things they don’t understand.
    Vive le JGH
    Wilf Hall

  46. Mortimer Levy……how the heck do you know the Intent of of the writer of this letter. Maybe your reply was written with the same reason you state.
    As to this article…..I hope it is read by as many people as possible….I am an English Roman Catholic….born in Quebec…..my sons are circumcised…..which is a personal choice, not a religious choice…..All of these issues happening in Quebec right now are insane….my parents would fall off their rockers if they were still alive today….

  47. Congratulations to Dr.Kovac for stepping up. You have expessed the views of hundreds of thousands and maybe millions of Quebecs that too often have chosen to remain quiet. It is ovious that this government preys on these people thinking we are weak. If all communities would set aside their differences and look at our common values, we could live in a beautiful country in peace. I stand with my Jewish and my Muslim friends, as a Chrisitian brother, to live in a country of compassion and peace for all God Bless us all.

  48. Well Said! And if I wasn’t sitting in my cubicle, I would give a standing ovation.

    The PQ party really does feel that if we push hard enough everyone will move out of Quebec except the hard core separatist, then it will be theirs.

  49. Marc-Antoine Bigras: It is not racism to call a racist a racist. If the shoe fits, then you’re probably a racist 😉

  50. Wonderful letter, so well written. I was born at the Jewish General March 18/42, the first child of my Anglo Protestant parents in the middle of the war. Mum always spoke of how well treated the family was during this time & always wished her other 2 children had been born there as well. To this day I remember the doctors name, Dr. Wiseman. My heart is in Mtl./St.Lambert although I now live in Ottawa & I thank Dr. Evan Kovac for writing that letter, a wonderful response to ignorance.

  51. When my brother got burnt 3 yrs ago he was taken to “Hotel Dieu”. Also had a family member at “Sacre Coeur” If I am not mistaken shouldn’t those names be changed as well…..since they reflect religion. Ignorance breeds ignorance. Someone has to step in soon or this province is going down the drain!!!

  52. I was born at the JGH in 1938. It was and still remains a great hospital.
    Montreal is a beautiful city, with wonderful people and a zest for life.
    The political situation remains unchanged in the 30 odd years we have been gone.
    I feel very much like a Canadian in Toronto – something I never felt in Montreal

  53. Last year the doctors at the Jewish General Hospital saved my father’s life. I will forever be grateful to the doctors, nurses and orderlies who gave my father back to me.

  54. Well said. Its time that people in every community start to speak up. We have rights. Instead of moving forward the gov’t seems to be taking steps back. What our ansestors have been fighting for before our time. Cant be in vain. Stop racism, discrimimation, and segeration. Our children need a brighter future.

  55. I salute Dr. Evan Kovak for his wonderful words in that letter. My son is a head of critical care surgery in Nashville and well respected and doing a great job and saving lots of lives. The Jewish General Hospital also does wonderful work with great doctors. Everyone should respect that.

  56. A letter well written.I wonder if there ever comes a time when this sorry of an excuse for a woman needs care at the Jewish hospital?Perhaps then she will change her mind?It’s funny how ex premiere Parizeau was a patient at the Jewish a while back,and had nothing but praise for the hospital.

  57. wonderful letter ! and to the point ignorance and hatred is like a bad disease that can spread if it’s not caught , it is about time we ALL stood up for our rights ! Once again the PQ is poisioning our once fantastic provence , and this is from a senior that has seen the decay !

  58. Well said. I am a French Canadian with an anglophone mother and francophone father, raised in the NDG suburb of Montreal.

    I left Quebec 17 years ago when the opportunity came.

    My condolences to all Quebecers who must continue to live with the uneducated racist leaders.

    I know several people who have been treated and / or work at the JGH and could not say enough good things about it. God bless all of you for speaking out in defence, I hope I see the day when the province finally has the right leaders in place to lead the province.

  59. I agree with what you are saying. It is shameful. But the P.Q. are not rednecks, that are socialists as in the National Socialist Party (Nazis).

  60. Pauline, rename all streets with the name saint, all hospitals oh and remove the cross from Mt Royal or better yet, sit on it and make it disappear. Also,please remove tabarnak, calisse, ostie etc… from the Quebec language.

  61. Pretty weak argument for circumcision. If we follow the logic of this man, we should remove all breasts of women because having breasts increase the chances of having a cancer.

  62. Also removing the privates of womans is a sacred practice in some religions, so should we allow this as well as circumcision mister surgeon?

  63. I told a Doctor a while back when I lived in Montreal that you can’t win a war against ignorance. Also when I had to pass that french language exam given by office de la blague francaise that french Canadians can’t pass I told those clowns I have no problem protecting the french language but WHO will protect the french language from the french Canadians ? Of course they had no answer!

  64. Good job! Not sure what this letter will do as ignorance and stupidity go hand in hand so not sure she will understand all your grown up words but well said 🙂

  65. Kudos…We, anglos/allos need to fight these ignorant simple minded Xenophobes getting into political power then further propagating outdated doctrine

    Quebecois PQ’ist =The New Racist Reich

  66. I could not be more proud of you if you were my own son.Well said young men Thanks for all your wise words.We need more people like you to fight the good fight

  67. Wonder if she would say same about Saint Mary, Sacre Coeur, Sainte Justine – all sacred to many but not all. And Montreal Chinese hospital, though I suspect she would be against it also…

  68. what do you think would happen if we did allow this segration and made all ethnic people use thier own hospitals exclusivly….. oh wait French Canadian is not an ethnic group or religious group. Where would they go for highly specialized cancer treatments, and cutting edge medical services like those offered a JGH. How fast they would beat a path to our already open door. HOw much private money went into the JGH but yet all are welcome to come COmpare this hospital to the run down condition of the hospitals run by the PQ right now

  69. stop and think it out before writing comments! Unity is the power. Let us build a Palestinien hospital in Mtl and then you will see Kovac go to the barricades to protest. Shame upon you Kovac!

  70. I would like to start by saying that my son was born at the Jewish. No regrets. And that I can garantie that I (Portuguese) and every single immigrant in this province stand by you 100%.
    The problem in this province is not us or the French Canadian québécois in this province cause we all get along.
    It’s Madame marois the problem and her little entourage. So why not just give up cause you will never get what you want. It will never happen and we will never let it happen.
    For all those people with your stupid remarks on Cercomsission. Well you all should join marois and get on the “GET LOST BUS “cause no one is forced to get Cercomsized. It is your choice or the parents choice to follow threw with it. So please if you don’t have anything better to say, just DON’T.

    And on a personal note I find that there should’t be English or French schools. Every child should learn the both languages.
    I am bilingual and I went to English school. And registered my son in French school so he can learn French properly cause French is a harder language to learn. But when I was informed that if my son attends French school he and his kids will have no right to go to to English school. I immediately removed him from French school board and put him into a English school board with English/French Emersion program.
    The Quebec government should wake up when it comes to our kids education. Knowing to speak two language is better then just speaking French.
    Makes finding a job a lot easier.

    Dr. Kovak
    Nice job and feel free to speak up. We all stand with you.

  71. Circumcision is mutilation. If adult men decide that this is what they want for themselves, fine let them do it, but to submit children to this procedure against their will is barbaric.

  72. Please Sir review your history about the French Canadians and Jews relationships:

    ”On June 5th 1832, the Legislature of Lower Canada (Quebec), presided over by Louis-Joseph Papineau leader of the Patriotes, adopted a then ground-breaking law establishing full civil, political, and religious rights for Quebec Jewry. This was the first law of its kind in the British Empire, followed 27 years later by a similar event in Great Britain.”

    Oups … The medical teaching was interesting though.

  73. Bravo, and felicitations Dr. Kovak. I was so pleased to read your letter and the comments above. It’s time all Quebecers stand proud and join together to fight the good fight!
    My grandson works as an RT at the Jewish General and we have all seen such a change in his views on multiculturalism since he started working at the hospital with health professionals of varied nationalities, faiths, different philosophies of life . He has taken an interest in learning about their cultures, their customs , spiritual practices and enjoys breaking bread with each and everyone of fellow workers.
    He was telling us that when he did his Stage at the JGH he was immediately welcomed into the fold by this community, whose members represent what may be the most ethnically and culturally diverse association of people anywhere in our country!
    He has become a better person, more tolerant , understanding with a keen interest in learning as much as he can while working in this milieu! It would be so sad to see Mrs. Marois and her entourage destroy this joie de vivre.

  74. I just read this article of a Jewish doctor trying to educate a PQ member http://www.bill613.com/anti-semitism/an-open-letter-to-tania-longpre-from-a-surgeon-in-the-jewish-general-hospital/

    Where I agree in parts on what he had to say, but I was then going to try and educate him on the anti-Semitic term.
    I was horrified to see that I was not only wrong, but, without even knowing it, I lost my Semitic origin due to a unilateral US Gov report where antisemitism was considered “hatred toward Jews—individually and as a group—that can be attributed to the Jewish religion and/or ethnicity!!! (wtf!!!). Defying cultures and history.

    Imagine my psychological and emotional state where I am a half polish, half Saudi Muslim born in Brazil who is not a Semite and Dr. Kovac (or Koval, Kowal, Kovar) who might be from Polish, Bulgarian, Hungarian or Romanian origin and, might not even know where to point out in a map the extent of the Semitic influence, considers himself one!!! I am lost!

    So if I hate a Polish guy, who happens to be a jew, I am anti-Semitic. What happens if I hate an Ethiopian, Arab Catholic or Muslim??? Am I an anti-Rest of the World???

    Sorry Dr. Kovac, if I come to hate you for a reason, it is not because you are a Jew, and you are not a Semite. I would hate a Slavic Canadian who did not do proper history and culture research. Don’t try to over rate your religion and culture you might think have, by stigmatizing others.

    And I am a Slavic / Semite / Latin / Muslim anti-Zionist (as a political criminal movement), but never an anti-Semitic (Jews, Catholics, Muslims or even others).

  75. Thank you, Dr.Kovac, for speaking out. Hopefully, your well-written letter will educate many more people who are ignorant of both the history of the Jewish General Hospital and the benefits of circumcision.

  76. Not especially tactful, but effective. It is in a tone that the PQ understands well enough. A bit of their own medicine, Dr.? 😉

  77. I just spent the last two days at the Jewish General… what a wonderful, inclusive place. All nationalities, religions, races represented, a place that exudes humanity on all levels. Kippas, headscarves, turbans… everyone treated with respect. Hands off!!

  78. Fabulous reply letter! Something really has to be done about these PQ rednecks who lack the knowledge and intelligence to make truthfull/useful statements. My family and myself have had a lot of dealings with the JGH and we have all absolutely loved them all.

  79. Do you realise that calling a whole group of poeple racist and redneck based on the comments of one or some person that belongs to that group is actually the defenition of racism? Are all muslims terrorists because some are?

    And no I am not a PQ member, and I don’t vote for them.

    I was a good text before you reveiled that you are a racist yourself.

  80. Please give her a break. Unlike medical professions, politicians are not bound to any code of ethics. Their career success depends heavily on their ability to please the MAJORITY in whatever area they represent. If tomorrow she runs for representation in another district (NDG, CDN, South Shore, etc…), she will sing a very different song. If this is the case of her speaking her own opinion and not the opinion of the majority of voters in Viau (I sure hope so), she will not be back come next election time anyway.

  81. Perhaps circumcision is only marginally beneficial in preventing penile cancer and other afflictions, BUT when you take into account the disproportionate amount of contributions to world society, e.g. nobel prize winners, inventors, musicians, writers, film-makers, entertainers, etc. etc., by these circumcised males, maybe every male should get circumcised. Female circumcision is a totally different matter. It does a lot of damage whereas the male version is beneficial even though the degree can be debated. In other words, it doesn’t leave any permanent damage…….and even looks good, and to believers, it is the instruction of God. To others it’s tradition.

  82. I appreciate your explanation and understanding of the problems relating to the term “Jewish” in “Jewish General Hospital” and the desire and importance of circumcision to those of us who practice our faith.

    I also appreciate the heat and passion of your views. However, the last few paragraphs of your letter, in my view, diminish or take away from the thrust of your argument and politicize same. Keep up the good work!

  83. Thank you for your letter to Mme. Tania Longpre. I am a nutritionist, practicing nutritonal balancing science and circumsision has many health benefits. Further, Christians mostly, who many have foregone the old covenant and the law of Moses, as evidence everywhere around us, ought to take a pose. It is not only the Jews that are under the laws of God, Christians are as well .

    Thank you.

  84. I love your letter. Wish the rest of us (Jews, Muslims, Christians, all races) would join forces once and for all to stop the racism demonstrated by politicians in order to keep themselves in power by instilling and then catering to the racist notions adopted and demonstrated by their less-than-intelligent constituents. Good work.

  85. Thank-you! The history of Montreal & the Jewish community is a lesson that should be re-taught.
    Perhaps a visit to the Montreal Holocaust Memorial Centre would serve Mme Marois & her team well. Removing rights of a community is never acceptable. Marginalizing the Montreal Jewish community is beneath contempt.

  86. Well done, Canada is behind you on this one. This well written letter may be a turning point in this sad episode of Quebec politics.

  87. Good for you! The English community would have long ago been assimilated without the help of the Jewish community – we owe you everything!

  88. Of course the word “Jewish” should *not* be removed from the hospital’s name. But mutilation of children’s genitals — whether male or female — most certainly *should* be made illegal. All sorts of things around the globe are done in the name of ancient rituals and superstitions — including female genital mutilation in Africa and male genital mutilation in many other parts of the world. The underlying “reasoning” is immaterial. What is most germane to this discussion is that it’s categorically wrong for individuals or organizations to make elective-surgery choices with life-altering effects — especially medically nonessential surgery choices — for a person before that person has reached the age of consent.

  89. Thank you Dr. Kovac.

    As a Montrealer whose parents were patients at the GJH, I highly recommend to Mme. Tania Longpre that she should go get a crash course in the multicultural history of the metropolis she is residing in.

    As you can see from my name, and I confirm that my parents are not Jewish and they have been under the best care by the all the staff (of all creeds and colors) while under their care at the General Jewish Hospital.

    Thank you all who work at the General JEWISH Hospital.

    Hung, Saint-Laurent, Qc. Canada

  90. Bravo Dr. Kovac!
    Congratulations on a well written reply. We will all be looking forward to the election in Viau and the reaction there. I hope that the PQ get a strong message
    from the electorate. Good for you Dr. Kovac for you courage. It’s time we started to voice our concerns on this latest issue.

  91. I was so disappointed by this open letter. I was expecting something brilliant from someone so highly educated.
    I am a Nurse at the MUHC and I am totally against the idea of changing the name of the JGH or of any other Montréal hospital. Meanwhile, I think this open letter is very poorly written and serve nothing at all. Jumping from changing the name of an hospital to make it neutral to calling these people antisemitic is WAY too much exaggeration. There are plenty of good arguments one could use against this politic (or against the Charter …) but when I read/hear comments like those expressed in this open letter and in other medias, I get the feeling that there is racist hollow people on both sides.
    When you come down to using easy short-cut and calling an entire group of people “racist and redneck” just because they propose something you dont agree with is a proof that perhaps you have nothing better then your opponent.
    Being a bilingual Francophone working in an English workplace, I at first felt very lucky I could see this story on both side of the medal. But now Im getting very upset because let me tell you both side start to look EQUALLY ugly.
    Sadly, racist and ignorant comments are found on both side.

  92. Sad that this letter was ever necessary, but great job Dr. Kovac.

    I am a non-Jewish & non-Muslim of 2 very young boys who I decided to have circumcised with no regrets. The minor operation is still popular and for good reason.

  93. Female genital mutilation is a sacred rite in African cultures. That doesn’t make it moral, ethical, or special in any way, shape, or form. It’s repugnant to butcher a person’s genitals to suit some bizarre idea from a book written by wandering desert dwellers, thousands of years ago.

    Circumcision should be used only to treat an illness, or with a persons informed consent. Would you cut into a perfect healthy patient to pull out a perfectly good appendix, just to avoid the possibility of it bursting?

    You are an embarrassment to doctors everywhere.

  94. Daniel Simm. I am very pleased that my patents had me Circumcised When I was 8 days old and not wait until I WAS OLD ENOUGH TO DECIDE…

  95. We’re ex-Montrealers wintering here in Mexico and glad to read there are folks with enough backbone to stand up to these ethnocentric peabrains in the PQ. Yes, there are rednecks and racists in the PQ and there’s absolutely nothing shameful in identifying them as such.

  96. Scary to see such imbeciles being heard.I really don’t know what the future holds here.It’s my children that I worry about.

  97. Well said!! Everyone needs medical attention at one point in their lives……Hope they’ll never need the services of the Jewish hospital.

  98. As your letter was not written in the “official” language of Quebec, you message will fall on deaf ears. Good Luck!

  99. Thank you for starting this conversation, Dr. Kovac, and well said Claudia Maheu…

    JGH is synonymous with what Montreal is – “a wonderful, inclusive place…all nationalities, religions, races represented, a place that exudes humanity on all levels. Kippas, headscarves, turbans… everyone treated with respect.” Let’s elect new provincial leaders who have those same values!

    La Marois, Vous devriez avoir honte d’avoir mis de côté le mandat pour lequel vous avez été élu! Concentrate on improving the economy and creating jobs…things you were elected to do instead of wasting effort and money on divisive policies.

  100. I am very pleased with the dr’s letter representing the feelings in the Jewish Community.
    I for one salute the Dr for writing such a
    direct and truthful letter to this band of bigots who have been giving the community such a hard time. To be honest Mme Marois and her
    Pals in the PQ remind me of Hitler prior to WWII. But this time you will have quite a fight!

  101. Very well said Dr. That’s why I left Quebec because of some ignorant uneducated people like this person there in Quebec. My doughter was born at the JGH and I was also treated there. I also work for a short time in the lab and I tell you JGH is the best hospital in Montreal. Mrs. Longpre shame on you!!.

  102. Marois was in Montreal not too long ago and had food poisoning. She was treated at the Jewish General and not at any francophone hospital!!!! Why is that? Why on earth would she chose to go to the Jewish General instead of St-Luc, Maisonneuve-Rosemont or even better Notre-Dame hospital???? If protecting the French language is so important to her (so she proclaims anyway) why would she chose the Jewish?
    Because she herself knows very well that the quality of care is far SUPERIOR at the Jewish General than any other hospital in Montreal. If I were the physician who treated her at the emergency, I would have given her the address to a Francophone hospital. She and her party are pure hypocrits and need to focus on more important issues like health care, the economy, poverty and creating jobs!!!

  103. Very well said! And I do know of at least three young men. Who had to go through very painful circumcisions at a later age. Where if the procedure had been done at birth, they would not have had this problem.

  104. The jump from removing Jewish in from of the name hospital to anti-semitism is huge. You could say anti-religious, secular, and I would agree with you. The matter of fact is that Jewish is the integral religion name that is attach to hospital in Quebec. There is no “Catholic xxxxx hospital”. The problem with Jewish _____ Hospital, is that it convey that it is exclusively by and for Jewish people. The same would apply for Catholic _____ Hospital, Mulsim _____ Hospital, Mormon ____ Hospital. I know it IS NOT exclusively for those people of religion, but it is the message that is conveyed.

  105. I could not have said it better. These discriminating small-minded jerks fail to realize that they too will get sick one day. I hope they don’t walk through my doors. I will make it a priority to treat the Jewish/ Muslim/ anglophone / sik/ Buddhist patient. It is 2013.not 1913. The walls of color race and religion have been broken. We live in a province that is generated by multiculturism. You sit at home collecting and discriminating. I will continue to work and feel proud. I can hold my head up with pride . I comfort of knowing that my heart has no hate and that Iam tolerent. Love will come my way when G-D calls

  106. I read this letter was intense sadness. My family found refuge in Montreal a century ago and many are buried in its cemeteries. I graduated McGill Medicine in 1980 and I did a Straight Medicine Internship at JGH, under Dr. Frank but left, and though believing I would return never did. I was a founding and active member of RCM/MCM fully integrated into Quebec society. It is now time for all of us to leave this racist xenophobic hateful place and the forces that have turned a cosmopolitan world class city into a backwater. It joins Vienna and Berlin, as palace where Jews are no longer welcome as citizens.

  107. I agree, in its essence, with this letter. But why use the topic of circumcision, which is an abhorrent practice violating the rights of the child, to attack Tanya Longpré when there are so many OTHER reasons to attack her and the P.Q.?

    Also, this: “However, several religious groups, including, but not limited to Jews and Muslims, consider this ritual sacred, as it represents the holy bond between G-d and man.”
    That is why I cannot take religion seriously. Circumcision, a “bond” between some evanescent “being” and man? Please. Give me a break.

  108. Ehh. Sarcastic and condescending. Whatever justifiable message was trying to be expressed in the original latter , the way it was composed significantly detracts from its intent. Taking a perceived insult and responding with an equivalent insult appears immature. En ce qui Mme Longpré: changer le nom d’un hôpital réputé qui dessert le public général en grand nombre ainsi que de recommander l’abolition d’une pratique médicale et religieuse auraient pour but de créer des complications évitables et surtout inutiles . N’avons-nous pas d’autres priorités plus importantes sur lesquelles nous concentrer? Le gouvernement n’a-t-il pas un peuple à gérer? Fichons la paix à ce pauvre hôpital!

  109. Dear Dr Kovacs
    Thank you for standing up to the ignorant and anti semiotic comments of Miss longpre. It is vital that we respond immediately to suchdisgusting remarks and I commend you for acting so quickly and writing so eloquently. Your letter was direct, to the point ,educational,,succinct and firm. It couldn’t have been better.

  110. It has been stated in Dr. Kovac’s letter. Thank you Dr. Kovac!!!!! This kind of ignorance makes the mayor of Toronto seem like a candidate for a Nobel prize.

  111. Congratulations Dr. Kovac on your attempt to educate the ignorance that exists in our times. Mazzletoff to you. I am in great admiration of the Jewish General Hospital. Thanks to your outstanding and commendable practionners and care gives, all my three children (extremely premature triplets) and myself are alive. I was close to death and your hospital saved my live and my babies. I will always be grateful for your outstanding and caring medical care for us. Thank you and keep up the great work!!!!!

  112. Bravo !!!
    it would be nice to mention the donations given by private donors .
    Montreal is privileged to have such a hospital.
    Thanks Dr. Kovac…
    francoise caron

  113. Some days I just feel like I may have been transported in my sleep and awoke in a Fascist Racist Ignorant Country! Where am I, where am I, where am I? And then I realize I am in Quebec, just a Province in CANADA but the Canadians who represent me have forsaken us as they have NOT come out with the requisite outcry I feel this type of comment merits– which is outright treason of a Free and Democratic Society– where the hell are the protectors of Canada and Freedom when you need them most???

  114. Bravo Dr Kovac
    Ma fille effectue présentement un stage au GJH et la fierté se lit sur son visage d’avoir le privilège d’évoluer dans cet établissement

  115. very well said! Thank you! I just wish you left out the “redneck” comments. I understand you were emotional when you wrote this, but you are representing many others at that fine establishment who may not wish to be represented in a manner which stoops to that level.

  116. Wonderfil letter! He is 100% right. The last part is so true. Calling is a racist a redneck is not racism — it is the truth. So if the truth hurts – so be it.
    We have to stand up for ourselves.

  117. Thank you for this great letter, well said and kind of harsh, but well deserved to people who think they can get away in making everyone else less canadian or less quebequois in their own racist eyes. They are making everyone’s life less canadian for one purpose : a Free Quebec for a minority race of Marois lookalikes ! I’m tired of the Parti Quebequois insulting us ! all !

  118. I cannot believe that you are so openly Anti-Semetic. I think the french Quebecois people are 1 of the most uneducated in culture and ignorant as to what anyone else thinks. I am a proud Montreal Jew. I am not a proud Quebecer. I am actually embarrassed for you and all your cronies.

  119. I’m a Catholic and support you 100%. Well written and we montreal Catholics are behind the Jewish and muslim communities. We must stay in Qc and fight, not leave and let the pq conquer.


  121. Thanks for your strong response. In addition to doctors,the Jewish General also enabled Jews to train and work as Nurses since at that time, they were turned away from all the other hospitals. Thanks to JGH, my mom was able to fulfil her dream of becoming a nurse and was in the first graduating class of nurses there.

  122. Doctor Kovack
    I am so proud of you the Jewish general hospital is a Jewish hospital that hires non Jewish qualified doctors staff and any one in need if medical amazing help
    shame on her ignorance and I q

  123. It might seem like a good answer to Mme Longpré’s comments about the name of the JGH and circumcision. Mme Longpré has, like Dr Kovac, the right to have her opinions. Clearly Dr Kovac purposely forgets to mention the health issues caused by the circumcision!2-3% of child circumcise have surgical complications that often requires other surgeries and other disadvantages. The point here is not to say if it is right or wrong just that Dr Kovac seems to portray the circumcision like if there is only positive benefits!

    As for the word Jewish, a lot of people have the opinion that all institutions with catholic religious names should be changed, opinion I do not share nor do I agree with Mme Longpré for the JGH, and those people are not ridiculed or insulted like Dr Kovac does with Mme Longpré, Mme Marois and M Drainville.

    Dr Kovac, should learn some manner and respect the opinion of others even if they are different from his like he expects others to respect his.

    To call our Prime Minister Mme Marois, whether we like her or not, btw I don’t, “leaders of your group of rednecks and racists.” is the lowest demonstration of racism you can find.

    So finally this is not at all a good answer, Dr Kovac, after all I will leave it at that and not fall as low as him!

  124. Sylvain Plourde you are clearly a bleeding heart lefty who should run along……….The JGH was built specifically to counter racists like you who prevented Jewish doctors from working.
    You sound like you are definitely in the redneck and racist category

  125. Obeid Binzagr you sound like another muslim Anti zionist jew hater, typical of your background. Shame you are not a muslim soldier fighting for Jihad I would love to meet you on the battle ground and show you what the Lions of Israel are all about. Perhaps consider becoming a Jihadist…………..

  126. There is no end to their racism.. .they will NEVER stop, once they totally eliminiate english in quebec, they will go after languages…a far protecting their language…is only a front for their racisim. Natzi Germay did the same thing…first they started with protedtion, then they started eliminating.

    Thanks for speaking up, unfortunately they are not ashamed of themselves.
    Shame on them!!

  127. I can’t believe that a doctor is defending genital mutilation.
    What about female circumcision ? What if I showed you (dubious) statistics that showed that it had long term benefits for women . Would you be in favor of it then?
    Extending this logic , how about removal of all genitalia. Wouldn’t that in effect eliminate countless diseases. Or removal of every child’s appendix. While we’re at it lets remove the breasts of every healthy young woman.
    Only religion has the power to make otherwise moral and intelligent people say the most immoral and unintelligent things.
    If any adult wants to go through with a circumcision than by all means lets him.
    However, to perform this barbaric ritual upon a defenseless child is truly an evil act even though it is done without malice.
    By the way- I am Jewish from birth and I have been circumcised.

  128. Alan ganem,you quite obviously don’t believe in god who told us to do curcumssision,you will surely go to hell for saying such things in public,btw when you are in he’ll enjoy the company of Marius and drAinville

  129. Way to go Dr. Lovac
    Well done
    You told them
    We need more people like you to stand up to those ignorant bigots

  130. Those concerned about surgical genital alteration would do better to focus their efforts on ending the practice of infibulation (removal of female genitalia), which has serious health consequences and no pro-health justification whatsoever.

  131. Dr. Kovac displays an unfortunate level of prejudice in his open letter. Suggesting that the word “Jewish” be removed from the hospital’s name is not inherently antisemitic even though history suggests that “Jewish” it is an appropriate descriptor in this special case.

    Equally slanted are his comments about the virtues of male circumcision. Dr. Kovac claims a number of benefits for circumcision while completely ignoring its downsides. These include permanent damage and disfigurement and even, in a few cases, loss of the genitalia. Ill advised sex change operations have been carried out after loss of the genitalia. Cases of very difficult or painful healing also occur. The medical literature documents these tragedies. They are uncommon but not insignificant – especially to the hapless victims.
    It is an outrageous display of bias for a physician to give only one side of the question as Dr. Kovac has done in his open letter.
    Mutilation of the the genitals of infants is child abuse whether done to females or males and there is virtually never compelling medical reason for such a draconian practice. As Dr. Kovac should recall, the Hippocratic oath requires that he should, “First, do no harm.” Routine and automatic circumcision carries significant risks and clearly makes a mockery of the physician’s oath. And, of course, the infant victim has no say in the matter.

    Ironically, Dr. Kovac’s support of genital mutilation is an interesting example of why all of us need to be alert to the harm that is still done in the name of religion.

  132. Dear Dr. Evan Kovac,
    Your reply is excellent. It never ceases to amaze me how many “educated” people try to justify the original stupidity by Tania Longpre. Many of the comments supporting Tania’s views are simply ridiculous and dim-witted. Some of the people posting negative replies to your letter are even ashamed to post their names. Those advocating defense or freedom to express one’s opinion should be aware that it is not intended when it is at the explicit expense of another religion or race. It is a pity how the PQ is doing its best to destroy Quebec. It is obvious that Tania Longpre is attempting to get more votes by openly attacking (indirectly or directly) the Jewish people in Quebec.

  133. Tania Longpre’s proposals are provocative and acrimonious as a minimum. I am reminded by Dr. Kovacs remarks to never forget the history of Anti-Semitism in Quebec or elsewhere in the world. However the current notion of “pure laine’… ism” is a twisted entanglement of fibres that combs the end result into an ongoing dismantling of all ethnic groups in Quebec.

    Whether appropriate or not I wrote the following today and include it for all Quebecers to consider. In the current world, no society will survive where the playing field is not level.

    Why I signed the latest petition to halt racism in Quebec (amended with plan of hope)

    Because all my life as a Quebecer I tried to be pure laine only to be subject to continuous racism. No more!!! Les Blocs de Glace have become a society of senior empty nesters. The power grab in the name of the protection of the French language and French Canadian culture has become and is a fraud. I want to stop the economic decline of Quebec and particularly Montreal and I have a very viable plan that needs the passive majority of French Canadians to put an end to their double standard. To do so, they must realize that their cultural and linguistic security is profound, deeply rooted and as far reaching as la Fleuve St.Laurent and its many tributaries throughout Quebec.

    Madame Crock en Bouche is only part of the necessary change.

    All Quebecers irrespective of their Mother tongue must dedicate themselves to the same goal of a higher standard of education and knowledge in any language leading to a better economic and intellectual wealth. Figuratively le bon vin has turned to acid and the syrup d’erable is in the warehouse. Open your eyes. University education at half the price of US institutions, a joie de vivre in Montreal that has withstood an acrimony over three generations at least, soon to be empty hospital structures in central Montreal begging for university opportunity and finally an optional subsidization of these foreign students whereby perhaps the interest on their educational loan is forgivable if they stay in Quebec and commence the cycle of renewal.

    This plan can not be restricted to French only and any religious hat is to be accepted Only then can we sing sha na na na

  134. To Obeid Binzagr

    Mr. Binzagr, before you “try and educate” anyone “on the anti-Semitic term” know what you are speaking about. It was no unilateral US Gov report where antisemitism was first considered “hatred toward Jews—individually and as a group—that can be attributed to the Jewish religion and/or ethnicity” that first restricted it to Jews. The term “anti-Semitism” was coined in 1879 by Wilhelm Marr, a German, who founded the League of Antisemites (Antisemiten-Liga), the first German organization committed specifically to combating the alleged threat to Germany posed by the Jews and advocating their forced removal from the country.. Although this term now has wide currency, it is a misnomer, since it implies a discrimination against all Semites. Arabs and other peoples are also Semites, but they are not the targets of “anti-Semitism: as it is usually understood. Perhaps “anti-Arabism.”

  135. Moishe, please let me know how long I will have to spend in hell for my comments . I hear that I will be there for eternity. That’s a long time!! Think of the biggest number that you can and you still won’t be anywhere close to eternity.
    So you see Moishe- if I do end up in hell with all the other atheists who have blasphemed your jealous and capricious God ( while the suicide bombers are cavorting with an array of young virgins up in heaven where I suppose you and all those who fear God will be ) I think I’ll be able to handle it. After all, no matter how bad it gets, I think that after about,,, oh lets say 100 or 200 billion years I should start to get used to it.

  136. Stephen Harper is too much of a coward to stand up to Marois, that is why he is silent. That and he is trying to cling to power through his own corruption.

  137. While we’re at it, let’s remove Dieu, St, Croux from the French version of the anthem, and let’s convert that strange domed building on the mountain into a “Association pour la suppression de tous les signes de différence au Québec notamment l’expulsion de tous les étrangers au Québec qui ont immigré entre 1600-2013”

  138. I’ve read every comment and it’s plain to see that they are heated. In all, there are a few educated ones, some more, some less, that make good sense. If you continue to throw more and more groups of people together, eventually there will be fighting. Without order there is disorder and there will always be someone looking for the opportunity to be the leader and impose there own laws. Don’t get so caught up in hating what you don’t like that you miss the bigger picture. One day someone other that Pauline Marois will attempt the same power struggle and the hatred will start all over. We are all racists of sorts, some more passionate than others. I read an article on circumcision many years ago and the practice was performed for hygienic purposes at the time. However, with soap and water available today, why do it at all. Isn’t the foreskin there to protect the sensitivity of the penis?

  139. Maroi et his party they are lying and misleading the Quebecors, they decided to play a very dirty game against all the ethnic and the minorities in the province just to gain more time in gouverning , it is discusting and a condamned behavior in a such democratic Country like Canada

  140. The ignoramus !. She should concentrate on outlawing FEMALE circumcision. Wonder how the “gentlefolk” in the communities that practice that [barbaric] ritual would react to her comments …..!!

  141. So happy to her that she ‘ate her words’. No one should ever have to change any of their fundamental rights and freedoms because of the words of Tania Longpre, the PQ candidate in the riding of Viau. We are all ‘free Canadians living under The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms’ and the Parti Quebecois do not have their own country where they can pass their own discriminatory and prejudicial laws. The Nazi Regime began this way… Bravo to the good doctor, Dr. Evan Kovac a Jewish surgeon, at the Jewish General Hospital who took the time necessary to educate the ignorant! I live in Winnipeg and we have the second largest francophone community in Canada St. Boniface. We live in peace. Bravo to the late Dr. Israel Asper, a Jew, who gave an immense amount of money and planted numerous seeds to establish The Canadian Museum for Human Rights which is scheduled to open in September 2014. Rights and freedoms are for ‘all’ people everywhere not just a select few.

  142. Jonny
    I think you misread what I wrote, I do not think the word Jewish should be removed from JGH! I only said we should respect Mme Longpré’s opinion even if we do not agree with it.

    I also wrote that Dr. Kovac purposely forgot to mention the problems associated with circumcision regardless if you agree or not with the procedure, those are documented facts that Dr. Kovac knows.

    Name calling is a demonstration of weakness, that is also a fact!

  143. Respecting an opinion like this one is a grave mistake. Respect and tolerance of opinions like this provide room for hatred to take seed. That’s what makes this situation so incensing and dangerous: that someone running for public office would find this way of thinking acceptable. Our goal is not political-correctness. Would you have a different reaction if someone want to take away your name and replace it with an anglicized name because it suited the country? History should not be erased, especially not the history of a minority people who fought quotas and racism to make their way in the intolerant atmosphere of Quebec in the early to mid-20th century.

  144. Unfortunately as a medical professional I am sure you’ve come across people who are mentally challenged. People who racist usually don’t respond to reason. Everything your letter in your letter makes sense. It is a sad fact of history the Jewish doctors faced discriminated in Quebec in fact McGill had Quotas to limit Jewish people in medical school,hospitals would not accept Jewish doctors. I would not debate with the doctor about circumcision as a medical procedure. However it is fundamental to my religious practice. The P.Q. seems to think that religion is a threat to Quebec society. It’s sad that a province which is so financially strapped is also morally bankrupt.

  145. Right. This is not Germany. But if we all don’t pull together and finally stand up and not be afraid to be heard, this could be the makings of another Nazi uprising. FYPM and your entire band of low life’s. We will not bow down to you.

  146. I so agree start with marois she is uneducated as far as I m concern those who voted for her are the same I am not Jewish but I respect the Jewish hospital at least you go there and your welcome in your language keep up the good work ;

  147. I agree totally with Dr. Kovac’s message, and I would add that if Mme. Longpre wishes to remove “Jewish” from the name of the Jewish General Hospital, she must also consider removing the “St…” and “Ste…” from the name of any building, hospital, village or town etc. in the province!

  148. Dear Mr Nutik.
    You forget to mention that these Quota on Jewish students in Med school were also happening at University of Toronto. Up until 1960 for both school. Meanwhile Université de Montréal had no Quota at all.
    It is also important to remember about that boat full of European Jewish people that was refused access to Canada by the Federal Government during WW2. Horrible things were done in every country. Lets never forget and learn.

  149. Le Jewish General Hospital est un example pour le respect de toutes les religions, les nationalites,et si vous aviez un tant sois peu de jugeotte( bon sens en quebecois) vous seriez fiere d appartenir a un pays comme le canada ou la democratie, la liberte et la neutralile existent! mais non vous preferez vous ridiculisez aux yeux du monde entier avec vos commentaires racistes, jalous a la limite hitleriens.Soyez bien sure de demissioner avant de vous faire balancer aux ordures ,non reciclables, nocifs!!!travaillez plutot a controler la racaille que vous faites rentrer au quebec ,parcequ ils parlent Francais!,!cette meme racaille qui suce le gouvernement comme une sangsue….apres tout c’ est nous qui payons vos salaires exorbitans, pour debiter toutes sortes d’aneries,j’ai honte pour vous…

  150. I dont think anyone can express more clearly what this great Dr. has stated. Too many Politicians can’t see past their noses and are too self centred,,,at this point I t makes me have more respect for Rob Ford,,, carry on your fantastic works

  151. In response to a comment posted! I know very well about Canada’s history in the 30s. And in response to the comment about The University of Montreal excepting Jewish medical students. Implying the Quebec society was Progressive. I would like to cite the case of Dr. Rabinovich. After he was offered a post at a French hospital The other interns all French-Canadians went on a walk
    Priests joined the pick up lines. Even though the hospital administration try to help Dr. Rabinovitch faced with the walkout by four hospitals all French. He left his post. Rather than have patients suffer as for Canada turning away Jewish refugees in the 1930’s le Devior and many in Quebec cheered the government of Canada on. Yes many countries have done terrible things it is a shame that the province of Quebec is about to repeat them. We should thank courageous doctors past and presence were willing to make a stand .

  152. Dear Dr.Evan Kovac,
    I totaly agree with you on the your opinions regarding the conservation of JGH’s name and the medical opinion on the possible benefits of circumcision. However, I dont understand the agressiveness of the tone you use to vehiculate your opinions. It seems to me that if your are asking respect of differences from someone, that your should be using the same respect in return. And as an education elite I thought you would of been able to share your views on those matter without using the condescendent and arrogant tone.

    Sorry for my lack of fluidity and possible misswrtittings, english is not my first langage. I keep hope that the next time I’ll read your your views won’t be deminished by the non respectful tone you could be using. Because, it only make your points seem less valuable.

  153. In response to the few opinions published here , admonishing Dr. Kovac on his remarks towards the end of his letter , I will take the liberty of responding on his behalf .Dr. Kovac admitted in his opening remarks that his letter was hastily written , but it is apparent that he was infuriated with the remarks of Mme . Longpre , remarks that had been preceded by her party’s previous actions and policy proposals that have clearly insulted civil liberties and the Democratic rights all Canadians should hold dear . Mme Longpre hit a nerve , pressed a button , rubbed it in –and we ,the witnesses to the abusive proposals made by the Parti Quebecois , since their minority government assumed power, must finally take a stand and call for an end to their insults. The vast majority of readers of Dr . Kovac’s letter ( 19,000 likes and counting ) rejoice that someone , a professional and well -educated in his vocation , stood up to the ignorant comments being made by a political candidate . Dr Kovac speaks on behalf of all our frustrations , gleaned over many years by the political interests in this province . We are looking for a voice of reason and someone to stand up to the bullies . We have a few champions within our community , who have called the PQ for what they are .We are looking for more of them . We continue to live in a free and democratic society . But we also sense a slow decay taking hold .
    My Jewish heritage and the freedom to practice my religion are inherent rights in this country and this province . People must be free to practice their religion . without imposing their beliefs on others .These are the founding principles of western society . I am sure that Mme Longpre does not represent a majority of the views of the PQ hierarchy , but we feel that there are enough of her opinions in their caucus to cause us concern . They have proven it to us by the various policies they have implemented in the past ( mostly against English speaking rights ) and now they are rallying against fundamental religious freedoms .
    We can all live together in peace and harmony . We do not have to accept xenophobic policies . Start with calling it what it is , and don’t hide from the facts .
    Congratulations to Dr. Kovac for fighting back .

  154. Isn’t it stupid, misinformed, hate based comments and thoughts such as M. Longpre’s that started the 2 great wars and countless others? I am a French Quebec Canadian born and living in Montreal. I gave birth to my only child at the JGH. My husband and I had already decided that our child if a boy would be circumcised due to it’s health benefits. This is just ignorant talk and anyone who listens, publishs or circulates such total hatefulness should be jailed, not only give up their public position.


  156. thank you to an amazing brilliant JEWISH doctor working in a JEWISH hospital its all since the jewish general opened we had the top jewish brilliant doctors jewish nurses and top jewish surgeons.
    last but not least its our jewish powerful doctors and staff that get money to help all kind of ppl

  157. Dear Doctor Kovac KOL HAKAVOD Thank you so much for representing the Jewish community with such a beautifully written letter straight to the point,may G-d give you good health to continue performing miracles every day

  158. Je trouve qu’il y va fort un peu. Je suis d’accord avec ses arguments mais je trouve inacceptable le mépris qu’il laisse transpirer dans ses propos. Je peux ne pas être en accord avec la députée mais le point qu’elle semble défendre pour la laïcité complète du système de santé est un point de vue respectable. D’innombrables institutions autrefois qualifié de chrétiennes, qui ont contribué autant sinon plus que l’hôpital juif à leur milieu, ont du abandonné tout lien avec la religion et ce malgré leurs traditions et leur l’histoire beaucoup plus riche que celui-ci. Je trouve donc particulièrement arrogant de la part du docteur d’assimiler la position de la députée, à de la xénophobie et de l’ignorance, sans même lui-même prendre en considération le contexte historique québécois, beaucoup plus large et important que celui de son bel hôpital.

  159. Very well said and to the point! It’s amazing how they constantly pick on is Jews for every little thing. I love the way this letter was written! Bravo!!!!

  160. This is the most well written letter that I am sure many Jewish and non-Jewish individuals agree with circumcision. It is the ignorance of individuals that do not know the benefits and also the religious ideals that are are behind this procedure. Bravo for writing this letter to an individual that should take off their blinders. The world does not revolve around Quebequois. There are actually many other cultures that are far more refined, educated and open to different ideas and processes and rituals and to embrace them with passion. Not all Quebequois are racists however, the individuals that are in government only focus on them an no-one else. It is time for these politicians to take their head out of the sand. First of all the birth-rate of the vrai Quebequois are diminishing. It is the immigrants that are reproducing. Their lovely distinct culture is evaporating before their eyes. These racist ideals and comments are unacceptable and for just this act all politicians that talk like this should be removed from government.

    Thank you again for your honest and being brave to address this issue.

  161. Best hospital in Montreal. That PQ lady is crazy. Put her in a nut tower and throw the key away, I’m thinking of the deepest spot in the ocean.

  162. Though I may agree that lowering oneself to this individuals level, by name calling , is perhapas, going a bit far. However, one may also conclude by her statements, that if it “walks like a duck, waddles like a duck, and quacks like a duck”, perhaps she is an ignorant, racist, redneck. In conclusion, my sincere apologies to DUCKS

  163. Jewish General Hospital is one of the best in Montreal. The best written letter, some people are just too ignorant .

  164. Haha, brilliant! I am a long-time patient of the JGH and was SO proud of the stance the hospital took on the charter of (non) values. And now to read this from a JGH surgeon, telling it like it is! Wonderful. You have written something that sticks to the facts but is also not scared to use the words that are appropriate for the situation: “racist”, “ignorant”, “misinformed”, and yes, “repugnant”.

    And yes, the JGH is built of the strong foundation of the Jewish community here, but it is indeed a proudly multicultural community, both in terms of the staff and the patients it serves. We do not remove all the names of saints from the names of the other Montreal hospitals…. so an arguement of enforced secularism in naming conventions does indeed stand out as prejudiced, and more in keeping with the now regular attempts by certain political leaders in this province to push our quebec culture toward a white-washed, even facist mode of ‘standards’. I have no words.

    Good for you for speaking out!

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